Contributed by R. Bennett Sims III

1.Amy Popham is granddaughter to
"little Jack Horner"
mentioned here. She married sir John Sims ( b. 1592).
That gets us back to  Adam.



4. Chas: Here is a guide to cull through all the data on the gen sites. These are Our Sims'. The land of Arthur, Somerset-shire is our ancestoral home. SInce it is the watershed between France and Scotland, it has been ab egress to the English throne for ever. We have many associations with near-missed royals, and even Geoffery Chauser missed an opportunity to contribute to our gene pool by just one marriage. Hope you enjoy the hearaldry and share your discoveries. Ben PS this is not proffed. 1515-1563 John Symes m.Jane ?? {The 3 escollops on the arms indicate 3 crusades to Jeruselem} 1550-1597 son William m. Elizabeth Hii {d. Rbt Hill, Pondsford elder, listed in 1623 visitation} 1592-1561 son John m. Amy Horner {gd of "Little Jack Horner"d. of Thomas} Sir John was exiled to Frampton/Cotrell when Chas I was exiled to Scotland. After Cromwell's demise in 1649, the somerset lands were restored, but Sir John remained in Frampton, where he died in 1661 1615 - 1689 son, Thomas m. Amy Bridges {gd of Geo Speakesggd of Rbt Hill} 1643-1687 son, George m. Dorothy Everhart {Captain George adventured to,and both died in Antigua. His plantation, over 260 acres called"Waking Hall" was sold after his death by Dorothy and her 2nd husband to provide for the younger 2 of Geoges children, Henry and Elizabeth.} 1672-1718 son, Georgem. Elizabeth Sherwood( 2 years after his father's death, Geo movestp Surry Co, VA} 1689-1733 son, ADAM m. Mary Isham )They settle in Brunswick Co, VA} 1717-1805 son, Charles, m. Esther Murray {Chas faught in Rev War and later recieved lottery land, which brings him to Oglethorpe Co..adjacent to madison/jackson Co's and Mayseville, GA} 1769-1834 son, Wiley m. Polly Hartsfield {from the Hartsfeld fam that settled Penn prior to Wm Penn} {b. 1798 son, Bennett, a mathemetician. wrote an unpublished textbook that was highly regarded} 1797-1834 son, Murray, m. Louisa Nance Bullock in 1821 {Louisa goes back to Capt Hugh Bullock of Jamestown:Louisa, b1804;Hawkins;Nathaniel; Richard; Edward, 1738; Edwars, 1690; Richard; Robert; William; Captain Hugh} 1826-1821 son, Sherman Sims m. Jane Dannahoo {Sherman's oblesk is the first and still tallest in the Sunrise cemetery at Mayesville. It sits on what was the back acres of the Sims farm. Jane and her parents are buried with him. RECENT history Richard B Sims m.Amanda Dannahoo son, Oliver Hoke Sims m. Floy Bell Silver