Jacqueline Sims Malone has contributed this update:

Here's our family 2008 news update:

2008 begins 8th year as Executive Director of Brehon
Institute for Family Services, Inc.  Based in Tallahassee, we provide home
visiting services for new and expectant parents. Brehon also has the ONLY
maternity home between Jacksonville and Pensacola for adult women who are
pregnant and facing homelessness. 

My email address is
jmalone@brehoninstitute.com  Please see our website 

My husband, Patrick, changed jobs February 8 and is now on faculty at
Florida State University!  His title is Assistant in Education,
Coordinator  of Internships.
Patrick's new email address is prmalone@comcast.net

Our daughter, Bonnie Malone Fry, began a new job in February 2008 as
Director, Strategic Services with Return Path, a
company based in New York City.  Since this is a web marketing position, 
works from her Lake Worth, FL home office; her email is
bmalone3@hotmail.com  Bonnie and  her husband, Dennis Fry, have one 
Leigh Grace,who turned 3 years  old
yesterday (February 13).  Dennis is a computer expert and works for a
technology firm in West Palm Beach, FL.

Our daughter, Erin Elizabeth (prefers to be called Elizabeth) completed
her RN degree 2 years ago and is employed with Northport Medical Center,
just north of Tuscaloosa, AL.  She and her husband, Chris
Freeman, have one daughter, Hannah, who is now 9 years old.  Chris has
returned to  college to complete a degree to become an electrician. 
Elizabeth's email address  is freelizzy@watvc.com

Jackie Malone, M.M.
Executive Director
Brehon Institute for Family Services, Inc.
phone 850 656-7110
fax 850 656-7127