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Family Motto: In Justitia Virtutes Omnes (All Virtue is in Justice).            


            NEXT EVENT:
            Sims Family Reunion -- Summer, one of these years

            Helen, Georgia (tentative)
            Near old Sims homeplace of Maysville, GA. 

"Praying Hands", Stained Glass by Charlotte


    Isn't it about time we Simses unified our documents-- family tree, photographs, announcements, etc?

 Special note from Charles...
 In my limited experience, I submit that 
 the Internet is probably not as good as gov't paper records for gathering ancestral information.
 In the 1980's, I went to the  state gov't bldg in Nashville near the public library 
 downtown and I found a fabulous card catalog with our Simses from the
 early 1800's. Names included ones my mother had hoped for -- they were from
 just a few generations back.

Where are they now?


In college: Meredith Amerson is at Meredith College, majoring in Graphic Design.

Getting married: Charles Anthony "Tony" Garrett is to wed Ashley Prather on July 31st,2010.

In the Midwest: Roger Sims is in Iowa, 100 miles from Ron, who is is Dubuque. Rumor has it that Aimee Sims is moving back to Calif.from St. Louis,MO.

                                                                    Sims Coat of Arms
                                                                Sims Coat
                                                                (Thanks to Bennett Sims and Aunt Grace)
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